Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suomi in Springtime

Finland is such a different country when the snow is all gone. The greenery is wonderful. Flowers are rearing their pretty little heads.

The plainest of birds are actually not that plain-looking.

The bumblebees I've seen are black and orange, not yellow.

I enjoyed walking outside without a jacket, or big boots. No gloves or scarves. Girls in tank tops. Kids with ice creams.

I've had an incredible, stressless time here. I'm quite happy with the work I've made, my interim paintings that were mostly for fun and experimentation. It's definitely going to be the big thing I'll miss (besides my friends, of course) when I go back. I've been so happy at school. I will miss that happiness. :P

Hopefully I will kick it up a notch this summer. Start making prints; marketable works.

Ooh, Finland. Now that your weather is gorgeous, I almost wish to stay. ...almost. ;)