Sunday, November 14, 2010

Super long haitus!

I apologize!! Wow. Time really gets away from oneself, doesn't it? I've been so very much entrenched by my first semester of junior year. I'm currently in Painting 3, Intro to Metals, Watercolors, and a special education class. Half of these classes are going well, and half are not. It has been a little disheartening, but I'm certainly not giving up, and have gotten some good support from my loved ones to just accept doing my best - even if others don't.

I've been inspired to come back to this from my artist friend, Merrilee (I posted a while back about her lovely landscapes). I hope to bring this back to life! It might not be restored to its former glory, with Etsy posts running rampant, but it's still here for anyone to see. :)

I'll probably post paintings, other works, possibly rants when needed; and hopefully branch off to a mini-blog about my study abroad trip to Finland. That's right - I'm going to Finland in the Spring!! I am getting excited.

So. Hello again, everyone. What have I missed? ;)