Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more to go!

Wow, I'm already just one follower away from 100 Google friends! That's amazing! You know, I never saw myself being a blogger. Activity has died down a bit, sure, but that's not anyone's fault but my own for my busy-ness. Don't forget, I'm thinking of cooking up a giveaway when I reach the 100th. It could be a shop gift certificate to a featured Etsian, could be an item I'm giving away myself... just stay tuned. :)

In the meantime, speaking of giveaways... therikrakstudio is hosting an INCREDIBLE giveaway! And when I say incredible, I mean just absolutely incredible. It contains a huge prize package worth over $450!! WOW! And ONE lucky winner will receive it, picked by random.org

So head on over and enter! Great gifts for the holidays, for sure.


laughingfridge said...

you just got follower #100, me! Congrats! You have a really nice blog, too. Nice to meet you.

paintingpam said...

Congrats!! I'm working on reaching 100 too.


Laura said...

Thanks so much, laughingfridge!

Good luck to you Pam, I'll be following you shortly. :)

Laura said...

Oh wait, I already do! Haha! My poor brain..