Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Featurette and Halloween!

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long. The internet going on and off doesn't help a blogger, that's for sure! Here's a quick featurette of a journal-maker (I'm obsessed, remember?) and some Halloween photos!

This week's featurette goes to BlueToad. The name itself is pretty cool. This store specializes in journals with beautiful OOAK covers for very reasonable pricing. Usually handmade journals, even of small sizes, can be expensive. Also, some ACEOs are available. Here is the shop description:

Entwined Journal, $14

"Welcome to Blue Toad, a collective world of the creative mind, a place that will take you on a creative journey offering a variety of items to meet your whim and bring a smile.

BlueToad, a part of Tremundo, was the featured artisan on HGTV. Additional information on our shop profile and more creative collection at and visit us online at"

Peaceful Moments on Pale Blue Journal, $14

I'm definitely hearting this shop and keeping a close eye on it for the holidays. Several of these designs relate to this fall season, so they'd make perfect fall gifts for writers and sketchers alike. I'm so glad I found it! :)

Okay, so Halloween was a blast. Lots of good food, good costumes, and good dancing. Saturday night was the main one where I took the most pictures. Sunday was more of a nerd party, not so much dancing, but still fun.

1) Merrilee and I dancing away! 2) Merrilee, the artist hippie; Drew, the boy wizard; me, the pirate lass! 3) Cupcakes!!! 4) The nightlight set up (featuring glow-in-the-dark splatter paintings). 5) My pirate outfit. Yar!