Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Featurette.

This week's featurette goes to DarriellesClayArt at Etsy. I've recently become a little obsessed with functional ceramic pieces, most especially mugs. My friend Merrilee is currently in a wheel-throwing class and she gave me one of her cups... it rocks my world. :)

Misty Blue Green Mug, $18

Darrielle's pieces, functional or decorative, are very well-crafted and feature lovely colors. This Misty blue mug is one of my favorites! And, considering the nature of these items, they are reasonably priced. Here is her store description:

I describe myself as a wheel throwing, hand building, mud slinging, slab rolling crazy lady who lives, breaths, and sleeps to play in clay every day. I use stoneware and porcelain clay and I make my own glazes... Life is good... :)
.....Darrielle Straughan.....

Nested Heart Bowls Royal Blue, $24

Her account has been up since January of this year, and she's gotten a good amount of sales and positive feedback. These would be perfect gifts for the holidays, or any upcoming weddings. Her store contains cups, bowls, vases, spoons and spoon holders, yarn holders, jewelry, and much more. I know I'll be keeping an eye out. ;)

Halloween is upon us! I can't wait to celebrate. I haven't done so in several years! Will be visiting a few parties with costumes ready, I hope to post pictures! What will you do for Halloween? Trick or treat, party, or just stay home?

Be safe!


DonidoDesigns said...

gorgeous stuff! i'm a big fan of functional pottery myself

Sandra said...

I love pottery like that. It's so adorable. I love love love that mug! I would love to have it for myself.

WindandHoney said...

Beautiful mug.

Edana said...

I Love those heart bowls. I too find myself drawn to functional ceramics myself lately.