Thursday, October 15, 2009

Friday Feature.

It's been such an interesting week. I'm happy to announce my second sale! My beloved landscape palette knife painting sold, and the buyer was so kind in her reply about my work that it really made me smile. I can't wait to ship it off tomorrow!

However, there is something else to announce: my first real Etsy feature with questions! Ilea from Gadget Gear has kindly allowed me to give her a short questionnaire; it's always nice to get to know fellow Etsians. Ilea specializes in making felt cases for gadgets (as the shop title implies), i.e. iPhones/iPods, cell phones, cameras, and more.

Lovely! Well, let's welcome our guest Ilea, and let's begin with...

A little info about you, that you're willing to let readers know.
My name is Ilea. I am 24 years old, and my full time job is working on my PhD (in Biology) at the University of Michigan.

How long have you been making cases?
I've been making cases for about 6 months.

Why did you decide to do this?
I had a lot of compliments from friends about a case that I had made for my phone and for a few of my friends, so I decided to try to sell them on Etsy and see what kind of response they got there.

Where do you get inspirations for each piece?
My inspirations come from a lot of things. Many of them come from nostalgia from my childhood, and others come from items that are important to me. Most of my cases have a little special meaning to me or a specific event that inspired them. For example, I made the shamrock case because I met my boyfriend on St. Patrick's day and I made the Koi case after one of my friends told me they were lucky. Some of my designs are just things that I think are cute or things that make me smile (like GIR; I don't think you can see him and not smile!).

So, you're about to make a new case. How do you start? What materials are needed?
I start with a long list of ideas (it's a very long list... some of the things that I'm thinking of making are a diet coke can - I can't live without it; Transformers, Mario, sushi, and one that looks like a box of chocolates). I pick whatever design strikes my fancy at that time. I then have to pick out the right colors for the case and cut the design out freehand. I use the pieces that I cut out the first time as a pattern so that I can make more than one case of that design. Finally I stitch everything together to make the final product.

What goes through your mind as you make a case?
I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so mostly I'm just thinking, 'Is that piece straight? Did I stitch that just right?'

Do you have any crafters, on Etsy or otherwise, that inspire and motivate you?
Everyone in my family is very crafty, so I had the opportunity growing up to learn many different types of crafts. So if any crafters inspire and motivate me, I would say my Mom and my grandmothers.

If there was one thing you could wish for, no strings attached, what would it be?
More time in the day. Sometimes I am very overwhelmed with keeping up with all of the little things with Etsy and work. I think a lot of people know that feeling.

Boy, I definitely agree there. More time, who doesn't need more time? Anyway, thank you so much Ilea for your time. Readers, feel free to visit her shop and peruse her items, they're all so diverse and cute! My favorite is GIR, of course. Love that lil' guy.

If you would like to be featured, please feel free to contact me! :)


Arion Jewelry said...

So cute and warm idea! Nice interview!

StarsandRobots said...

That poptart is awesome! Must go favorite... Anyways, I have tagged you as having an Over the Top Blog! Yay! So here is a link to the thread and accompanying questionarre, which I love getting so it makes me blog that day! :)