Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Featurette!

Today's little feature goes to Alter-Eco Clothing at Etsy.

Organic White and PURPLE Layered DRESS Top, $55

I absolutely love the clothes in this store. Here's a short excerpt from the store description:

"Alter-Eco is a fashion-forward Clothing line for those of us out there who want to do our part for the Planet...but look amazing while doing so ~_^

I love living organically and have always felt that there isn't enough funky eco clothing out there to dress the way I want and still be friendly to mother-earth.
So now you too can be a tree hugger in good misfit fashion ~_^ ♥♥!"

Indeed! I know that my high-school self would have loved to own items like these, much like Hot Topic but friendly to the environment. And better, imo. ;) I admit that it's a bit pricey for someone like myself, but I can pine! :P

Organic Brown and Purple Button DRESS OOAK, $62

Gorgeous stuff, definitely. I love handmade clothes... almost makes me pick up a sewing book. But that will have to wait. Check out her store, in the meantime. Cute, gothic, chique. Unique.


Audrey said...

WOW! Those are wonderful! Now if only I was 20 years younger, ok - maybe 25.

Steffi said...

What an amazing dress!! :)

Ren said...

Those outfits are fabulous! Great post.

WindandHoney said...

Love that purple dress!

Noble Beeyotch said...


You are the lucky Prize winner of Awesome Artists Giveaway EditionII . If you could please mail me your shipping address, i will forward it to the shops sponsoring your gift-basket. Thanks.


Laura said...

I agree with all of you.

WOW! Thanks so much, Swati!! :D

Arion Jewelry said...

Those clothes surely look great! What a nice pictures!