Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This week there won't be a featurette because I've been a little too busy to search for a lovely shop to feature.

Instead, I'd like to wish my fiance Patrick a very happy birthday! He's 23 years old!

It's also hard to imagine that in only 2 and a half weeks, we'll reach our 3rd year anniversary of being together. I never would have imagined this for myself when I was younger; I thought I'd be doomed until the end of college, haha! Love is such a beautiful thing, though sometimes a struggle... but always, always, always hold on and cherish it to the fullest!

Does anyone else have birthdays or birthday shout-outs? Post them here! Let's celebrate. :)


Steffi said...

Happy Birthday to your Fiance! :)
My husband turned 24 a week ago. :)