Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Wrap-up.

I finally got a break after six weeks of work, work, and work. I visited my home to spend some time with the folks. Went to a shooting range and popped a few rounds with my dad's AR-15. It's a great experience; I even managed to hit the center of a target! It turns out I'm a left-handed rifle woman, who knew? I'm right-handed, so that was a surprise. Made shooting awkward at first, trying to find the buoy without straining myself. Very powerful, so for those who have yet to shoot one but want to: be prepared for the intensity!

I reunited with an old friend. We'd been apart for more than a year due to life circumstances, needing distance to grow up, and so on. Fell back into old times, though, and enjoyed ourselves. I also took photos as a documentary series for class, hopefully the pictures will turn up since we were out at night. Cafe Coco's white satin never tasted so good. But it was really nice catching up with her, I feel much better deep down knowing she has matured and that she's okay.

I'll post pictures soon of artistic progress as the week goes on, but I'm pretty busy with things. Fall break is around the corner, but there's only so much rest I can afford myself before hitting the sketchbooks and drawing pads and printmaking.

Giveaway to come soon, just gotta find something special for you fine followers. I'm not sure how I'm going to top my journal, but perhaps something holiday related might be nice? Please, if you have ideas, let me know! :)

Here's to hoping the week goes well, and that my traffic flows up again -- I don't know where everyone went! :P


Louise said...

That kind of sounds like me when I learned that I was a left handed archer as well as a gunwoman. I think it's because we can hold the bow/rifle with our right hand and keep it more steady. Don't you agree?