Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday Treasury.

Hey everyone! Been trying to catch up on school work after relaxing this fall break (maybe a little too much relaxing, meh).

Earlier today I taught my first ever elementary class. It was nerve racking but exciting, too. Along with a fellow Art Ed. classmate, we taught three 2nd grade classes an art lesson, each 25 minutes long. It was kind of hectic setting up and touching up the lesson plan, but it worked out. All three classes were pretty well-behaved, and responded well to the lesson. Basically we taught them symmetry and color theory, utilizing a folded paper where they drew a symmetrical butterfly, then placed primary colors on each side that, when smushed together, created secondaries. They loved it! A little messy, but not horrible. Oh it was so much fun!! Hopefully I'll get pictures from Patricia and will post them here.

Also, won a giveaway recently for a beautiful pink tote, I'm anxious to get it! Annnd..

TADA! My first Treasury!! Take a look:


Sandra said...

Congrats on getting the kids involved and behaved! I am not sure that I would have the patience for children, but that's why I'm not teaching haha.