Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bath fizzies and prospects.

Another end to a long week! Wow, the days sure go by quickly. I've already been back in school over a month. Tempus fugit!

I'm excited at some upcoming prospects, such as a possible teaching job for the LEAP program at Algood Elementary. I finally can go to the photography studio whenever to develop pictures; my portraits came out okay. The professor really liked one I took at the Fall Funfest of people by a funnel cake stand. I'll post pictures later.

And what better way to end the week with a lovely bath? How about a bath with Jack o' Lantern bath bomb fizzies? :)

These little buddies were given to me by Alyson at Bathgasm, as part of her giveaway. They look so cute! And honestly, I didn't expect them to be so big. They smell divine: pumpkin spice and sweetness. I could almost eat them... hehe. She also has lovely cards, and even wrote me a kind note on the back of one. :D Yay for Etsians and their giveaways! What would we do without them?

Speaking of which, I may do a giveaway soon to celebrate all good things in life, as well as 250 Twitter followers. Seems appropriate. But it depends on what you guys are looking for... ;) Leave a comment of your thoughts.

(P.S. Opened up at Artfire, since they're doing unlimited listings for the holidays. More items will be there since there are no fees!)