Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bernheim's CONNECT 2012 highlights

 Not even one minute before I finished setting up, a line formed with lots of kids wanting their faces painted.

I set out two tip jars with "__ vs. __" on them, as suggested by a website on how to encourage more tips. For adults, I put "Romney vs. Obama" on one side. A little girl threw a dollar into the 'Romney' jar, and her dad immediately says, "No honey, put it in the Obama jar. My daughter ain't a Republican."

After mentioning that story to another customer, she said, "When my brother finally came out, my mom exhaled and yelled, 'Thank god, I thought you were going to say you were a Republican!'"

This cute, curly-redheaded-n-freckled boy, probably around 11 or so, sat down and began to ask me about sci-fi movies he had seen. He asked if I had seen Terminator, and asked me questions about it. Then he told me, "Did you know that Neil Armstrong died today? That makes me really sad." His mom mentioned something about winking at the moon to remember Armstrong, and the boy replied he'd do that as soon as I finished his cheek.

Funny teenagers and their funny words.

Lotus flower
The last customers were so nice: a happy little family with a little girl and older boy. They were a cool bunch. The parents talked about their fun adventures, doing a Zombie Walk in the future where their little girl will be a three-eyed princess, and the older boy asking if I could just do a mustache and a soul patch. LOL! They were even kind enough to walk me to my car and help carry my stuff to it, since it was so dark.

Hearing the music from afar was neat, too. I wish I could've seen the other exhibits going on, but maybe next year I'll just be a spectator instead. I also made some decent tips. :)

Night time!