Friday, August 24, 2012

Hooray, I sold a painting!

I picked up some of my pieces I had shown at Earthsoul Gallery this summer, and found out this little guy sold!

How exciting! It wasn't $1,000 or anything, but any money is good these days. For me, and everyone I know around me, art seems to have taken a dip... the purchasing of fine art, at least. There's so much competition going on, it's hard to get really good sales all the time unless you do purely decorative art. (Nothing wrong with that, it's just not my style for being a future serious artist.)

I hope to sell off more works next weekend during the Miscategorized show, where 50% of my profits will go to the Lupus foundation; I'm always down for giving artistic donations to charities.

Tomorrow night I'll be doing face painting at the Bernheim CONNECT event; so excited!! Kids love it. Hopefully the tips will be generous as well. If you're near the Louisville, KY area, please come! Just $5 to get in; all the events within are free, including WHISKEY TASTING at Jim Beam nearby. "Alcohol, you say?" Sign me up!