Monday, August 10, 2009


School is a-coming. I'm rather excited to try out new things in classes such as Printmaking Relief and 35MM Photography. I'm especially excited to use their materials! I've never processed photos before, and I've only done printmaking once with linoleum (didn't turn out how I wanted, haha).

I'm also looking forward to joining this awesome little project: The Sketchbook Project. You pay a minimal fee, and they'll send you a moleskin sketchbook that you doodle and draw (and whatever!) inside, then send it back. It'll travel around their current exhibits, and possible new ones in the future! HOW COOL IS THAT? Give it a look-see!

I'm coming up with some ideas to create little things for Etsy. Hopefully, soon, I'll have the courage to try it... and get over the listing fees. ^_^; Anyone got something to share? ;)

I'm starting to enjoy Twitter. Interacting with fellow artists and crafters. My tweet buddy @leeleykeel says she'll join me in the Sketchbook project, motivating each other and so on. Who else is in?!

Ah the end of summer, beginning of fall! I welcome thee!