Monday, December 21, 2009

Be Safe... on your Blog.

My computer is just sitting there, in the room. I go downstairs to enjoy dinner and some time with my guy. I go upstairs, sit in the chair, and look at the screen.

My background has changed to green and black with "WARNING! Your computer has been infected. Serious malware has been detected!" Things are popping up (those gray pop-up boxes with the "dun!" noise) about Trojans. Yep, my computer has been infected. Still is, as I type this.

It was just a month ago when my PC had been infected the first time. Not the first ever time, but the first in a long long time. That was easily taken care of, but I noticed weird programs in my task manager's list. Jipsysguard.exe, by the way, is not something you want in there. So this could've been the root of this new virus, deemed Netsky.

The first infection came right after I visited a blog I follow. A popular one. I won't name names, and I'm sure this person doesn't know about it, but viruses can creep through the net. I hadn't opened any attachments, but I clicked on an article link and boom, infected. So keep an eye out on what you put on your blog and keep your computer clean by regularly checking up using software. (By the way, AVG version 9.0 is not good enough unless you're willing to pay, because it will not clean those viruses. Get an older free version.)

So be safe everyone! Other than that, I am excited about Christmas and, as a gift, Patrick is getting computer parts to build a new computer, so hopefully I won't have to deal with this crap anymore. :P Happy holidays!


Erica said...

yuck! virus' suck! WE got one a while ago and it erased everything from our computer - we lost all of our early baby pictures!

Laura said...

Oh no, that sucks! :( I don't think this one erases stuff.. just hacks into things to grab emails and stuff. Sorry to hear.

T @ Poppy Place said...

Yep, I have had a few near misses recently, comp. crashing after closing blogs I have been check out, mine seems to be related to Internet Explorer, so I need to find something that is less sensitive. :)

Have a virus free day :)

Regards, T.

Kathryn Lantz said...

gah! I hate viruses.. I had experiences with them years and years ago, but haven't had one in a really long time. And I'm guessing it wasn't my blog because it's not popular! LOL. I have avg, an older one, plus another program called malware bytes or something like that. It's very helpful having a computer guy for a hubby, because he regularily comes on here and makes sure everythings running smoothly! :) Hope it doesn't cause you too much crap!

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

Thanks for the warning! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Laura said...

T., I use Chrome a lot. It's a simple, nice little browser. Sometimes it can't handle big things, like flash or uploads. But it works. However, I got that virus from a blog using it.

Kathryn, my guy is a computer guy too. He doesn't do that, though... that might be helpful. Right now he's balancing working and fixing my sick computer. It wasn't your blog, and there's no point pointing fingers because there isn't much too be done, don't know where the source is. :(

Thanks Shelly!

M.M.E. said...

That's terrible! I hope you can get it fixed soon. In answer to your question, I print all of my prints myself. For the ones I sell on Etsy, I use my Epson R280 printer. For the highest-quality ones I sell on my website, I use my boyfriend's huge Epson R2880 printer. I would highly suggest selling prints since you are just starting out. Just be sure to use archival inks and archival, acid-free paper.

janet said...

Not good..I have not had any problems since getting my MAC. Merry Christmas!