Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Featurette.

Today's late featurette goes to marbled, the shop of designer handbags and totes. I only need one purse from time to time, but I still like to admire all the lovely handmade bags out there on Etsy.

Everyday Black & Cream Bag, $28

Marbled is just plain cute, and pretty affordable when compared to other stores of the handmade variety. Chic and elegant, to just plain cute! There are plaid, floral, and solid colors to choose from. This is my favorite:

White Core Bag, $28

Etsy indicates this store is only a few months old, so it's rather novel with just 17 items for sale, but hopefully more products will come with more exposure. I just love little tote bags! :)

Stay tuned for a makeup giveaway coming up!