Monday, December 14, 2009

Motivation Monday.

I will do well today. My Printmaking final will be great. The matte redo will be great. The items are great, the title is great, and my critique will be great. Some flaws will occur, as usual, but it will not tarnish my overall design.

I will do fine on my Ed. Psych exam. I will make the necessary grade, or better, to get an A in that class. I will be prepared for it, though I haven't had much time to study. I will do well on it by taking my time and breathing.

I will get all As this semester, no matter what. I will do well today.

Okay, let's go! :)


leel said...

thinking of you & hoping your day went well :) im sure you did wonderfully. and also - its over now!

Steffi said...

Now THAT is called positive thinking!! Hope you did great in your exams!? :)

Laura said...

Yeah! In the post above I mentioned passing with 20 points to spare, so I'm happy! :)