Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only two remain!

Phew, so that's three classes down, and only two more to go. My drawing final went really well, as well as my e-portfolio for Art Ed. and photography final was good. The only problem is is I've been up for over 36 hours with only 6 hours of sleep in between. That's what college finals are about, though, if you aren't a time management god/goddess.

I'll be teaching middle school tomorrow morning, then finishing up Monday with an Ed Psych exam and my printmaking final. Exciting! I am really ready for the holidays to get here; REST REST REST! And maybe I'll be able to produce some good stuff to put on Etsy.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET: my BIG giveaway ends on Saturday at noon! Six people including myself are giving away great prizes, and under 100 people have entered so your chances are pretty good compared to most big big giveaways. Click the link or scroll down, spread the word to your friends! You don't want to miss it.

Better updates to come with this break. :)