Saturday, September 26, 2009

Elephants in the Room.

So, I haven't had a lot of time to spend on my sketchbook. It's not a theme to be taken lightly. However, I am determined to see its finish before the deadline approaches, despite the work school is also weighing upon me. Fall break will definitely be a good time to fill up those pages with meaningful art.

Which brings me to an important question, for you, and for me: what do you think is the biggest elephant in the room, in our society today? This is coming from my American perspective, but it can include all countries, and all cultures. What problems today are so obviously in front of us that we can reach out and literally feel the tusks?

It is important for my sketchbook to not just get my viewpoint. I don't want it to be all about me. I'm not necessarily a political person myself. But this isn't just about politics.

I want to take in your answers and do research, then translate it through artistic means. This will really help me out, and ultimately your idea will be included in this sketchbook for thousands to see at the exhibits held by The Art House Co-op.

I thank anyone for their input. Opinions, websites, etc. etc. would be appreciated.

P.S. Got my ears pierced, yay! Do I really have to wait 6 months for dangling earrings, though?? Did you guys do anything early?


M.M.E. said...

6 months? I don't remember that. I think certainly the biggest elephant in the room is racism. We haven't gotten rid of it because we no longer address it. Hopefully that will change.


Biggest elephant in the room for me is Religion. I've got friends of all sorts of religions, but the only times I feel like I'm afraid of saying anything is amongst my more hardcore Christian friends. I never know if they believe in evolution or other scientific concepts, support gay marriage, think I'm going to hell/am under the influence of stan (I'm an atheist, but I respect religious people and their beliefs), etc. It always makes me feel on edge. It was never a big deal when we were younger, but it sure seems like a big deal now... :(

leel said...

great post! i have yet to begin my sketchbook. October 1st I'm cracking it, and doing a page a day. or so that's the plan :)
i have definitely overthought my topic by now. awesome. now to organize my thoughts, and execute!

racism, sexism. mental health. the notion that hurt people hurt people. ackowledgement of the fact that we pass onto our children the issues we refuse to confront ourselves. that we are all connected. that money is the root of all we call evil. you know, just a *couple* things. those are some of the elephants I'd like to see stand out soon!
and yes, i realize i have some issues. :)

Laura said...

Wow, thanks so much you guys, really insightful.

Racism is probably more important than ever. Obama is a minor (no pun intended) part, but what happened has fueled the fire.

Saturday, I know exactly what you mean. Even with other religions, I'm always walking on eggshells. That will probably be a big chunk in my book.

Leel... awesome reply to a great post! ;) I'd love to do a page each day, but that's a bit unrealistic in my case, mostly because of school. But three pages a week for the next few weeks seems reasonable. I'll crack down during break and beyond. We gotta get this done! Hopefully I'll raise enough money to go to Atlanta to see our books amongst other talents. :D Godspeed to us all!

Creative Fly Designz said...

hmmm biggest elephant in the room ... I would have to say politics ... i think we would all get further and be more productive if common sense was used instead of picking red or blue ... (American perspective)

As for the earrings, congrats! I would wait at least 3 months, keep up with keeping the holes clean and maintained .. then strat off with a lighter pair ... dangle earrings can get really heavy and tend to stretch your holes .. you wouldnt want that happening ... :)

esque said...

I got my ears pierced when I was very little, and they stuck earrings in there like right away!

I think the biggest elephant is globalization: is it good, is it bad, and who's getting left behind.


SleightGirl said...

I think there are so many elephants it's hard to pick just one. Depending on your demographic there's always a hot button issue that one is affraid to bring up among people of different demographics.


LOL! "Under the influence of STAN?!?" Man, that's quite the typo on my part. Satan! Satan. Not Stan. No matter how evil and devious this Stan may be, there's no way he's as bad as Satan. XD Sheesh. Go me.

I've had two good friends tell me that they were so sad that I was going to hell/that Satan was using me to influence others (apparently because I'm such a nice person who volunteers, is generous and kind, did pretty well in school, but doesn't believe in a god, I must be under Satan's influence because I am an example of how atheism isn't bad). It really hurt me. I appreciate that they're worried about me, but I wish they'd kept it to themselves. I'm not worried about me!

MaritimeArts said...

Great blog! Hard question the elephant one, as I feel we are plagued with so many elephants. My big thing now is the dumbing down of our school system and the lack of free thinking we are teaching our children.