Thursday, September 3, 2009

Middle of the first week.

Wow. Needless to say, I am exhausted! Just finished my first week back at school. Drawing II and Printmaking Relief are definitely going to keep me busy during this semester; both teachers expect a lot from us. Photography will be fun, but I've no idea where I'll find a manual camera to borrow.

And this semester will be EXPENSIVE. The most expensive yet. I already pulled out a loan, and I'm still going to rack up quite some debt just on supplies. Not happy. I'm not trying to sustain this 4.0 GPA for nothing, Tech!! I don't have time to even think about getting a part-time job. I won't have much time to make art on the side for income (no bites at the Etsy shop yet). Patrick is trying to get this customer service job, as well as Coast Guard Reserves, to make sure we don't fall into poverty. Education should not be this way...

One good thing about this week, though: my giveaway! I'm so happy with the response, considering this isn't the most popular artist blog and it's my first major traffic post. After this, I'm probably going to host another giveaway thanks to @JulieRoseEtsy. So keep an eye out!

With that, I leave you with a really awesome, fan-made video. Shiny Toy Guns is a great electro band that does wonderful covers, such as Major Tom (coming home) and this song, Stripped, originally by Depeche Mode.


mchen said...

Oh man... I look back at my Fine Art degree and miss so much about it. I wish I'd appreciate how lucky I was to have 24-hr access to the studio and all the facilities. Now, I don't have space, ventilation, equipment, etc to do most of what I did during those years. Enjoy every second because it's worth all the expense :)

Maybe you can ask around all your friends' parents? Someone in the next generation up would be the most likely to have an analog camera that they're not using...?


Laura said...

I do really appreciate the availability, it's just a really tough time right now. There's stress when paired with the fact I live with my fiance, my roommate, and how the economy is. If Tech doesn't offer more money for my hard work, I may just go somewhere else.

But I love their crafting center, and love my art teachers, and love the work that comes out of it. It's just arrgh sometimes! ;)

Right now Patrick's mother says she has one; if that fails, I'll beg other students around campus!!

Thanks so much!