Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Musings.

I've learned a few things today.

I don't really hate printmaking. I just get easily frustrated with any new artistic medium at which I'm not immediately great. I'm a perfectionist, unfortunately, so that can really dampen my optimism when trying novel things. But it also frustrates me how hard I'll have to work even more, as well as kiss up to, my teacher because she rarely gives out A's, especially to non-studio students.

Taking photos with a manual camera is much more interesting than with digital. The sense of mystery with not knowing how the picture turned out can be invigorating and intimidating. My other art classes stress me out, but I'm already looking forward to Photography class this Thursday. Getting the film into the spool without damaging it sucks, but it's such a small, tiny problem that it worries me not.

People are not as nice as we ISFPs want to believe. This is a sad, but true fact. Some people are just not good people. The worst part is, some people are so good at concealing this that you have to get to know them a long time before their true colors show. By that time, it's hard to let go. Even now I still miss one of my old friends, with whom I've not spoken since my 18th birthday.

But despite that, life is gorgeous. With my health in good shape, my mind clear, and new prospects on the horizon, I'll just keep on walking with my head up as high as I can lift it.


Jac-Ber Creations said...

I don;t think you're alone when you get frustrated when something doesn't look as amazing as you think it should first off :-)

kevi/rae said...

Oh man, I wish we each had an instant "are you going to turn out to be a jerk" radar built into us.

I love that print! I want one!

Laura said...

Jac-Ber, I'm glad I'm not alone, otherwise I'd go crazy!!

No kidding Kevi. Honestly, though, sometimes you still befriend people when others already have the scoop, but it's just an associate thing and can't do much about it. However, lately, I said enough is enough; there is only so much I can take before I can put up with someone after so long. A radar would be nice, though. :)