Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Featurette!

So this week's featurette is for ljlh*designs at Etsy. Some of you may think I'm a little biased because I recently won earrings from her, but honestly, this jewelry is hard to pass up anyway. If I hadn't won, I still would've given her a quick spotlight because this girl's shop is beautiful and affordable.

Dark Rainbow Bracelet/Necklace, $21

The main thing, though, is that she has very little sales in her store. She has her own website, which includes the wide variety of items she sells, a link to her blog, and even a resume. Yup, a resume. So, I was surprised to see little sales.

She makes great items, simply put! Each piece is so colorful, or so stylish, or all of the above! Not to mention, they're all not that expensive considering what they are! Most jewelry at this level would cost more than $20.

Green Leaf Earrings, $6

She also has another Etsy store, dealing with handmade items from paper: I advise you to give that a peek, too, although it is somewhat new.

I'm very thankful for the earrings I won, for they have given me a taste of ljlh*designs, and I'll definitely be making some purchases around the holidays from this shop. Take a look for yourself, there's bound to be a good Christmas gift in there somewhere! Happy shopping!


ljlh*designs said...

You are my first official stalker! I'm just kidding.

I am really glad someone is so happy though. That dark rainbow bracelet is one of my favs. It is something different than what I usually make. The feature is much appreciated.

To address the pricing. I have always firmly believed that great design should be affordable and accessible to all. Yes, I could, and some think should, charge more. I hope that people see it isn't "cheap" jewelry, but great jewelry at a great price. Money is not my motivator. Making people happy, providing stylish and functional products, and allowing people to look great without having to pay an arm and a leg are my motivations. Hope that all makes sense!

Much appreciation,


Sandra said...

I love love love those earrings!!! they are so simple and gorgeous.

Laura said...

Haha, stalker indeed! ;)

I'm definitely a big fan of the dark rainbow piece. It's basically a two-in-one deal. Very affordable considering you can wear it two different ways (maybe three, if one is creative enough).

That all makes a lot of sense, and is one of the reasons I had to give you a quick feature. You've got top notch stuff, but no over-the-top pricing.

Sandra: I AGREE! I love them a lot.. keeping an eye on them for sure. ;)

Cindy said...

Laura, what a great feature! Her jewelry really is beautiful. Did you know I won the other (yellow) pair of earrings in Libby's giveaway? Mine arrived yesterday. I've designed my outfits around those earrings for two days now. lol :)

Laura said...

I saw that, Cindy! Made me grin. I'd love to see pictures of them with your outfits! Honestly I need to get my ears pierced first. xP Have had a love-hate relationship with that; I've had my ears pierced twice in the past and... I don't really know what happened, just got impatient with the studs I guess.

They're great, though, aren't they? I'm tempted to get more, like the earrings above, because $6 is an amazing deal! Etsy will be the death of me, lol! Or my wallet, rather.

ljlh*designs said...

You two are going to make my ego get out of control! lol I'm glad you are both happy.