Friday, September 11, 2009

More T-shirt Cutting!

Considering that the temp is still above warm out there, I needed a 3/4 sleeve, half-way "cardigan" to go over my tank top. I don't have one. What I did have, though, was this brown buttoned, long-sleeved top by Say What? It's kind of old, and a tiny bit faded. Still a great top, though.

Then: light bulb!! Make that into what I needed using just a pair of scissors! And, by doing so, I've turned one top into four different things. Observe...

Transformation a la moi! ;) Now it has become my light fabric cardigan, two arm warmers, and.. well, the piece in the middle could be my "skank" top, or a mini-skirt over tights. (I'll figure that one out later.) All I did was take my big orange scissors and cut above the second-to-last button -- in the middle of the strip, for a clean look. I'm so happy with the result!

Folks, take out some of your old clothing. Don't throw away that XXL sports shirt just yet! You'd be surprised at what you can do to renew your clothing into stylish, wearable pieces.

Have you transformed anything lately? Got some good tips on shirt-cutting, or changing a skirt into a bag? Please leave a comment here!

(NB: I don't do sewing. So I definitely look for tips that don't require needle and thread, though I hope this'll change in the future!)



I don't sew either but adore & appreciate DIY projects! Great way to recycle I think...
Lovely weekend~

Laura said...

I do, too! I love searching for them on the net. Thanks for the comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Found my way over from MCC! Laura -- I have a no-sew addition to the project! Go to the fabric store and buy some fusible tape (or fusible webbing/interfacing)! You can then "hem" your shirt or make your edges clean where you cut just by using the tape and an iron! I sew but I moved across the country leaving my machine behind... it worked wonders when I was doing my curtains, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for a shirt :D

StarsandRobots said...

Ok, I have a SEWING shirt makeover, but it is of the easiest kind!!!! It makes a great beginner sewing project, by machine or hand.

Fit a Big Ole Tshirt: Take your favorite band or sports tshirt (that only came in men's large when you got it)or any size too big!

Lay your favorite fitting shirt on top of your inside out project shirt, matching up collar and shoulders. (Do not use a well fitting STRETCH shirt, or the new one will be too small!)

Trace with a sharpie. Sew on the line, You should have traced up into the armpit and out, making the sleeves narrower. If you like (I did) cut the sleeve off when you're done right at the seam, but leaving the seam, so it looks like you have a neato finish

Flip and try on, then if you nailed it on the first try, go ahead and cut! If you like, (I did) cut the sleeve off when you're done right on the seam, but leaving the seam, so it looks like you have a neato finish.

EVERYONE asked me where I bought my tshirts after I started doing this, unfortunately, now that I am pregnant, I own no oversized shirts, lol! joke's on me!

Have fun!!!!!

Organic Meatbag said...

My co-workers hate it when I wear my skank top!