Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday's Secret.

This is my favorite out of the bunch this week... the fact that the submitter states they cheated on their eye exam, and it's emphasized by the misspelling of exam. Gotta love people.

Which was your favorite? Visit the Postsecret website and take a look. Also, for Twitterers out there, Frank's giving away an iPod Nano each day this week, so keep a look out for that one.

I missed an update yesterday because I was so busy printmaking. I'm a little flustered because I'm running out of black ink and can't get more from Hobby Lobby; also, prints are looking bad, either too much ink or too little ink. Gah!


Cindy said...

I love this! hehe

Sandra said...

oh I love printmaking. I think it's funny that someone would cheat on their eye exam to get glasses when they could get the same frames with non-prescription lenses hahaha.

Laura said...

People are bizarre, no? :)