Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Ending to Week 3.

That's right, the week is done! As an art major, for the past three semesters I've had Fridays off, a very handy thing indeed. Today went by pretty smoothly, and had some joys in it.

Photography class was great! There were no problems getting the film into the spool and processing it. I managed to make three prints today, though I'll present only two because the third was attacked by a black fuzzy thing on the print's edge.

Printmaking wasn't too bad, just trying to figure out my still life. Need to work on that this weekend, along with a drawing on atmospheric perspective, Art Ed. writing sheets and a collage, as well as Ed. Psych. homework. Phew!

But fear not: the icing on the cake today was that I received the earrings I won from ljlh*designs!!

Hooray! I was so excited to see the little box. Everything is beautiful: the box, the cards (I like 'em!), and of course, the jewelry. It's perfect, too, because the blue crystals almost match the blue gem in my engagement ring. I can't wait to be able to wear them! Thanks so much, Libby. :)

I hope your week has been as successful and productive as mine. The only way it could get better is if I made a sale, haha!


ljlh*designs said...

The pink boxes I ordered from a U.S. Packaging, I think. Can't remember the name off the top of my head. I apply the label myself. The business cards I designed and then just took the file to Staples and had their 3rd party printer make them. Raised ink is soooo cool! Glad you like the earrings. I like the photo you took. You get an A in photography from me. lol Thank you for the link to my website too. Much appreciated. I'll let you know when I have my next giveaway and any promos in my shop.


Laura said...

That's good info to know as far as the cards go, I'll keep that in mind. I still get so happy looking at the box! The first item I've ever won, whoo!

Hopefully my photography teacher will agree with you. ;)

Thank you.