Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Corgis or Beagles?

There will be a time in the near future when we rent a house. Apartments are just too risky of hosting annoying, inconsiderate neighbors and limitations. Renting a house at affordable prices just makes sense.

Well, along with this is the possibility of finally... FINALLY getting a pet! I've been waiting years for it. I flourish around animals, and I've had cats most of my life; now I want a dog.

So, a question to owners of this breed or dog experts. Corgis or Beagles?

Corgis are, let's face it, downright adorable. They're like little teddy bear puppies! I'm very into the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which has no tail. The temperament would be good for us: just a young couple, pretty active. They're said to be loyal and very sociable. They're the right size: I don't want a little tiny Chihuahua, nor a huuuuge mastiff. Not boisterous. Love the colors. They're good with kids, which is good if we are to have any in the future, even though it's best to raise both baby and puppy together. Grooming is a mere brushing several times a week, no washing needed unless it gets into something nasty.

Beagles are cute, too. They are friendly and loyal and sociable, as well. I've read that a fence isn't enough, though, since they're quite clever and will find ways to leave if bored. The fact that they're hunters means they can wander during walks, and that trait will have to be stimulated through hunting games, which wouldn't be too hard, but we humans won't always have the free time. I've also read they can bark and howl a lot (usually from boredom or isolation). Barely any odor, unless they roll in crud. Good with kids, a loyal family guard dog. Great colors. Medium size.

It would have to be outside. One reason I've had no pets, especially inside, is because my loved one is very allergic. It's okay at first, but several hours with a fluffy cat and his nose gets bloody. So outside is the key part. Obviously fenced in, or I'd freak out all of the time.

And, thinking on Cesar Millan's techniques, the fact is this: if we went to a shelter, and there was a Corgi and a Beagle puppy, we'd pick the one who was the most calm and submissive (and chooses us), regardless of breed. It'd just be our preference. So, with this said, which breed do you think would be best for us? Which one handles outdoors better?


Anonymous said...

I would vote for the beagle cause ther cute and I grew up with them but the Corgi is cute.

Little Tesoro said...

Nothing against Beagles, but I just love Corgis. So adorable.

Laura said...

Well, the cuteness is very debatable. ;) Thanks for the input though!

kevi/rae said...

I have a corgi and a beagle..
they are both really amazing dogs... I would personally go for the corgi.

Laura said...

Thanks for that, Kevi! Good to know you've owned both.

Cindy said...

My uncles always had beagles when I was growing up. They kept them mostly for hunting, but they were also very loving companions. They are extremely clever and will definitely find their way out of a pen. I remember one in particular that would literally climb the fence! In the off season she would break out of her pen, roam around the neighborhood and "hunt" cats. She was a very sneaky girl! As for the Corgi, I know nothing about them, but they are absolutely adorable. Just look at those ears! hehe ;)

phoebep3c said...

i own a corgi! very smart and eager to learn! mine loves the snow and is real good with a dog door, i have not had and accident in 3 months thanks to the dog door. she hardly barks and never howls and she loves dogs and people!