Monday, January 25, 2010

New Arrivals!

I'm so happy, I got two parcels in the mail today!

After a long wait, I finally got my harem pants from thaimodish. They're lovely! So wide and comfortable, and stylish! I tried to take the best pictures I could, so forgive their lack of quality. (It took forever just to find the camera, haha.)

I just need to wait for warmer weather, because these don't look good with uggs or anything. Sandals only. And right now, it's snowing.

I also couldn't resist Rachel's deal over at talk2thetrees, so I got one of her adorable crochet headbands. It is custom, with a choice of two colors. I just love it.

School is already starting to sink into my head and pick at my brain. Drawing 3 is very independent, and our first assignment is open concept. Aah! I'm still stuck on what surface to use for my concept and critiques start next week. Oh boy. Here it comes.... at least I have my pants. :3



Certainly looks very comfy...lovely print as well!

Amanda said...

the pants look so comfy!I love that headband its adorable!!


Rachael Thomas said...

I am so glad you like it Laura! It looks so adorable on you!

Laura said...

Both are very comfy! I love 'em!

Just waiting until warmer weather to show them off. :3