Thursday, January 7, 2010

Generation-T book.

I just got my book, Generation T: Beyond Fashion, which is for revamping old shirts. I'm pretty excited about the different tips 'n tricks in this book, though, to my chagrin, only 25% are no sew. As previously stated, I'm no expert sewer. Or even a novice, because I don't even have the tools. ...yet. :)

Some really good no-sews are in this, however. One is to make a pillow. Imagine making a cool pillow from old t-shirts without having to sew! There are also laced gloves, leggings, tank tops, a pinned tunic, and a welcome mat. It just requires good cutting and good knots. In the beginning, Megan Nicoler, the founder of Generation T and author of the books (there is more than one!), goes through different terms and techniques.

Has anyone else used this book to make cool new things, or used other sources? Perhaps you created one yourself? Please share!!

P.S. The snow outside is beautiful. I can even see crystal snowflakes that look like pretty stars. Of course, I got to stay inside all day, so I can't complain about the weather. Oh, winter!