Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Featurette.

It sure has been a while! But, it's about time to do a featurette. Let's focus on generally overlooked crafters: those who make lovely toys, and big fluffy lovable plushies.

Today's featurette is going to Danielleorama. Her stuff is just plain cute, I have to say.

Foxy, $45

Pansy, $28

This next one is my personal favorite. It's reminiscent of Bitey and the bigfoot character from Brackenwood, but in a lovely candy, child-friendly way.

Please take a look at her shop, you're sure to leave (via X'ing the tab) with a smile on your face. She also has a blog at

I'm one of those people in TN who will bear witness to this ice storm coming, so if you don't hear from me anytime soon, it'll be because of power outages. I'm not scared but... not happy about it, either. :\


janet said...

these are too cute...we are expecting snow also!

liwelula said...

So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

those are beyond cute! I love the Fox.
We're used to ice storms up here in Illinois, but that doesn't make them any more fun! Be careful and keep a flashlight handy!

Laura said...

Lots of food and candles, in case something happens. But so far electricity has stayed on. Just really, really cold! Brr!