Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm going to South Korea!

For Art Education majors, we're required to take up to 4 Art History classes: Art History I, Art History II, and two upper division courses (History of Craft I/II, 20th Century Art, Mesopotamian, etc.). Luckily, one upper division "class" is called Art Tour, which is basically a trip to another country to study its artistic culture.

This year, a resident artist for our Metals course, who originally comes from South Korea, offered an Art Tour class to his native country. It's an 11-day trip to South Korea during May, after school is done. It used to be during spring break, but both students and professor were too exhausted coming from the tour straight back into classes. The Art History professor is going to Italy, but I've been to Europe before; I lived there! I've never been to Asia, though!

We had our first meeting last night, and I am so pumped! We'll be traveling through Seoul, GyeongJu, DaeGu, and even staying overnight in a temple! How exciting is that? He showed us pictures of what you do there, what you wear, and eating etiquette. The country is so beautiful, and their art is even more beautiful. My university will reimburse the airfare through a travel scholarship (which pretty much every full-time student in good standing gets), so the trip itself is cheap! And I get 3 credit hours for it. Instead of a big paper, we simply write a little paper on a cultural aspect of South Korea, and keep a notebook/journal of our trip.

I'll definitely enjoy this immensely. Despite the trauma of France, I'm ready to travel again. This time it won't be all business, and we'll have guides. And money. This will be a great opportunity for blog posts, too. ;)

Has anyone here been to South Korea? If so, what did you love most? What delicacies are worth trying? Please, let me know!


janet said...

How exciting for for you!!!! I see some great blog posts in your future ;-)

Laura said...

Hopefully I'll have access to photo uploads and internet cafes to blog!

Beverly/bibay said...

oh i'm so envious..i really wanted to go there for a long time now.. try to go make-up shopping there lots of very cute finds

esque said...

Lucky you! How fun! Never been there, but I've heard good things from people who have! Bring me back some fabrics, will ya :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the tip, Beverly. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity, so I shall not squander it.

Oh, if only I could sew well, esque, I would!