Tuesday, January 19, 2010

World Market.

For those of you who love imported goods, or are looking for some, try to locate a World Market nearest you. They have such wonderful things from accessories, furniture, housewares, and most importantly FOOD. My mother, being a British person, loves this place for its imported British goods. In the past she had to order overseas and paid a lot just for shipping, but World Market saves all that time and money. A great deal, especially their chocolates. Oh boy...

If you're American and have never tried British chocolate, I highly suggest you do. If you've had Cadbury or Milka, it's close to that. But a little more delicious. I'm not a huge fan of Whoppers here in America, and that's mostly due to my love of Maltesers. These yummy choco-pops are balls of honeycomb wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. One of my favorites ever. And they usually have sales, where a bar of Aero chocolate is only $0.75, and a big box of holiday Maltesers got marked down a whopping 90%!

Another thing I love is their accessories. After-holiday sales really end up being the best part of this store. The earrings online are pretty pricey, but in store they're relatively inexpensive and almost borderline exotic. Here is a pair of lovely earrings, a vibrant purple "dreamcatcher" design encased by metal spirals, and guess how much I paid for them? $2.99!! Incredible, huh? Even the original price of $5.99 is a great deal for pretty jewelry like this. Someone in my art class asked about them, and a friend of mine asked if they were from Etsy, haha!

So if you have a store near you, or can handle/really love online shopping, then check out World Market. Really. Right now. :)

Please forgive my slow posting. Now that school is back on track, it'll be hard to keep it daily or every other day, but I shall do my best!


M.M.E. said...

I absolutely love this store. I wish there was nearer to me so I could stock up on food more often.

Juliana said...

I love World Market and I really want those earrings!!!!

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And...I see on your post below about THE LOVELY BONES-I watched it this weekend the book changed my life!

Laura said...

Thanks Juliana!

Can't live without it Megan! lol