Saturday, January 23, 2010

My first No-Sew project.

Remember my post about the Generation T book? Well, I finally took one of my old shirts and put it to good use.

Now, the other day I bought some needles and thread. I'm planning on doing some very easy sewing revamps, like simply cutting a shirt sleeveless and twisting the tops, and also a scarf-shirt. Might even attempt the tunic. But for now, the no sew seems good to me.

I decided to try the Pillow Talk project first. It's meant to be made from an L/XL shirt, but I don't have many of that size; I have a lot of Smalls from when I was in high school. Even if I became super skinny they wouldn't look right on me, so it's time that I upgrade them. I took an old graphic tee (if you shop at Kohl's, it might look familiar) and halfed the sizing directions to compensate for the non-L shirt. The cuts were a bit wonky, but ultimately this was the result:

A cute little pillow with a sassy design! I really like it. It took some time to do all of those knots, but with the Dog Whisperer on, time flew by. I may have to throw some stitches in some places to prevent the fluff from leaking, but it turned out great.

I would very much recommend getting Generation T. Either book would be fine, I just got the cheapest from Amazon at the time. It is fun, very thorough, and very much worth the price considering the money you'd save buying some new clothes/blankets/etc. when you've got old shirts lying around the house!

Feel free to comment with your revamp stories. :)


Piggy said...

Great project! I think i might have some old tees around, I shoudl start looking to do something with them!

Thanks for sharing

God Bless

Mary said...

what a great idea!

janet said...

Very cute ;-)

Laura said...

Thanks, friends! :)

Christie Cottage said...

Such a cute pillow!

Jac-Ber Creations said...

Thats brill! I love the new sew idea, thanks for sharing :-)

Amanda said...

Nice to meet you by the way! I love the cute pillow! That's a good idea! Love your blogs :).